14th May 2012 1:53
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Monica: Phoebe you gotta take her! I said some really bad stuff about her, but you know, Rachel has some good qualities that make her a good roommate. She has 147,000 pairs of boots… She lets you borrow them.
Rachel: Yeah and you stretch them out with your big old clown feet.
Monica: Do you wanna live outside?! Because it’s getting cold! She gets tons of catalogs and she’ll fold down the pages of the things she thinks that I’d like. When I take a shower, she leaves me little notes on the mirror. When I fall asleep on the couch after reading, she covers me over with a blanket.
Rachel: Well, I don’t want you to be cold.
Monica: And when I told her that I was gonna be moving in with Chandler, she was really supportive. You were so great. You made it so easy. And now you have to leave. And I have to live with a boy!

28th April 2012 21:00
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Friends 6.02 - The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel

Monica: Nooooo. You’re really not going?
Rachel: Yeah. It’s just gonna be too hard, you know? I mean, it’s Ross. How can I watch him get married?

Friends 4.21 - The One with the Invitation

Chandler: We are switching back, right now!
Monica: No, we’re not! We’re not leaving!
Chandler: Well, you’re gonna have to leave sometime, because you both have jobs, and as soon as you do, we’re switching it back! There’s nothing you can do to stop us! Right, Joe?
Joey: I don’t know. I don’t want to move again!
Chandler: I don’t care, this is our apartment! And they stole—you stole it—our apartment, and we won that apartment fair and square, twice! And I am getting it back right now. I’m getting back right now!
Rachel: All right. We figured you might respond this way, so we have a backup offer.
Chandler: Oh no-no-no, no more offers. You can’t offer anything to us!
Rachel: Let us keep the apartment and…
Monica: As a thank you, Rachel and I will kiss for one minute.
Chandler: Totally worth it!
Joey: That was one good minute!

Friends 4.19 - The One with All the Haste

4th February 2011 0:46
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Chandler: Hey, guys, it’s after midnight, merry Christmas everyone!

Friends 2.09 - The One With Phoebe’s Dad


Monica: Rachel, say that I’m friends with Julie, we spend some time together. Is that so terrible?
Rachel: Yes.
Monica: It’s that terrible?
Rachel: Yes. Monica, you don’t get it. It’s bad enough that she’s stolen the guy who might actually be the person that I am supposed to be with, but now, she’s actually, but now she’s actually stealing you.
Monica: Me? What are you talking about? Nobody could steal me from you. I mean, just because I’m friends with her doesn’t make me any less friends with you. I mean, you’re my…We’re, we’re…Oh, I love you.
Rachel: I love you too.
Phoebe: You guys, I know that this really doesn’t have anything to do with me, but um I love you guys too. Oh, I really needed that.
Monica: Look, I know that you’re in a place right now where you really need to hate Julie’s guts, but she didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, she was just a girl who met a guy, and now they go out. I really think that if you gave her a chance, you’d like her. Would you just give that a chance, for me?
Rachel: I’d do anything for you, you know that.
Monica: I’d do anything for you!
Phoebe: Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Friends 2.02 - The One With the Breast Milk