Ross: Ah, the forbidden love of a man and his door.
Joey: Shh. He did it. He told her off, and not just about the kiss, about everything.
Ross: You’re kidding.
Joey: No, no. He said “When are you gonna grow up and start being a mom?” Then she came back with “The question is, when are you gonna grow up and realize I have a bomb?”
Ross: Okay, wait a minute, are you sure she didn’t say “When are you gonna grow up and realise I am your mom?”
Joey: That makes more sense.
Ross: So, what’s going on now?
Joey: I don’t know, I’ve been standing here spelling it out for you! I don’t hear anything. Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Ross: What do you see?
Joey: Hard to tell, they’re so tiny and upside-down. Wait, wait. They’re walking away, they’re walking away… No, no they’re not, they’re coming right at us! Run!
Chandler: Hey.
Ross: You mean that?
Chandler: Yeah, why not. So I told her.
Ross: Yeah? How’d it go?
Chandler: Awful. Awful. Couldn’t have gone worse.
Ross: Well, how do you feel?
Chandler: Pretty good! I told her.
Ross: Well, see? So, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea, you know, me kissing your mom, huh? But we don’t have to go down that road.

Friends 1.11 - The One With Mrs. Bing